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P-1 Headphone Amplifier





Luxman's remarkable P-1 Class A Headphone Amplifier, with ODNF delivers state of the art musical performance for the discerning headphone based music lover.

Luxman's emphasis is on reproducing natural music, with lots of warmth, detail; not frightening it into scaring up non-existent detail, which is sometimes described as etched. Luxman's engineer's are fanatical in their attention to detail; while they spend a lot of time analyzing how components perform on their test equipment, the final arbiter is the listening evaluations. Is the product able to play music, convey the emotion, reproduce the ambience of the venue as well as the timbre of each instrument, distinctly. This is where Luxman shines.



Pure Class A

Luxman have long championed the use of Class A power for its richness of timbre and absence of listening fatigue.

Because the transistors in a Pure Class-A amplifier are never switched off, there is obviously no crossover distortion (there is no crossover - where one transistor turns off, and the other supplies the load current). Notice the uninterrupted curve above on the right. The amplifier is always fully charged and ready to allow the music flow spontaneously, with a dynamic, fast response time, the music is rich & sweet.Both single-ended (RCA) & balanced inputs (XLR)

Three headphone outputs, allow you to share music with your friends.


Input Selector 

There is an input selector on the front panel that allows you to chose between one balanced input (on XLR) or a single-ended input (on RCA).


Balance Control

Is a tailored-inflection type which has very gradual action near the center of rotation allowing fine adjustments to the stereo image. For convenience the electrical center of the control is detented.


Balance Control Bypass

If you want o disengage the balance control's circuitry, you only ned to engage the PASS button on the front panel.



Line Phase Sensor

Press the button and it will check the phase of the electricity it is receiving. If the AC outlet in the wall is incorrectly wired, meaning the live and neutral are swapped, a red LED will turn on to warn you. You only need to press it once, when you are installing a product to check that everything is in order. Its a simple mistake, that occurs often, and one that can seriously undermine your listening enjoyment.


Custom Parts 

Built with custom parts; the transformer, resistors & capacitors are built to Luxman's specification.




Continuous Rated Output

4W+4W/8Ω and 2W+2W/16Ω,
1W+1W/32Ω and 500mW+500mW/64Ω,

Input Sensitivity / Impedance

1.0V/23KΩ balance 1.0V/66K

Total Harmonic Distortion

0.008% or less (1kHz), 0.025% or less (20~20kHz)

Frequency Response

20~20Hz (+0, - 0.1dB), 10~100kHz (+0, - 0.5dB)

Signal-To-Noise Ratio (IHF-A)

Above 108dB


One pair of RCA sockets, 

One pair of  Balanced sockets on  XLR.



3 outlets - quarter inch standard headphone jacks


Volume, Balance controls, Balance Control Bypass Switch,      Input selector switch,
Power switch, power source on (protection) indicator,
Balanced & UnBalanced Inputs,  Line Phase Sensor, AC inlet

Electric Power Consumption


Dimensions W x H x D

 16.4"(467) × 3"(80) × 16"(408) mm


 22 lbs. (10.0Kg) net


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